Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Gospel at work!

I know this will sound sooo corny, but i have to say it. I LOVE MY HUSBAND! One of the things that i am a total slacker in is reading my scriptures and letting the gospel in my life during the week. I have a Joseph and Emma Smith book that i try and read during my breaks at work ( if i get any), but it just seems that i never get around to reading it.Then this week is conference. I am sitting here doing my calling (visiting teaching supervisor), and then i started reading Kilies blog (one of my favorites to read ;) ) she is always saying insightful things about the gospel and always motivates me. Its kinda funny but whenever i am really close to the gospel i love my family  even more than normal. which is good for them b/c that means i am not as big of a grouch. haha. But i was just sitting here thinking back on conference and reading Kilie's blog about how Heavenly Father blesses her and my husband started snoring.... (don't worry kilie, he was long asleep before your blog. ;) ) I couldn't help but look over at him and realize how much i love and care for that goofy creature. He does so much for me. He puts up with me when i am in my weird emotional moods. He provides for me. He teaches me. And best of all, he loves me. I am so grateful for this gospel and the ability to be with my husband for eternity. I can only hope that we continue in the right direction and get better as we grow so that our kids will one day have this exact moment with their spouses. Looking over at them while they are sleeping and thinking to, i am sooo freakin lucky! I love my spouse and i get to spend forever with them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

new dog??

yup! so its official! my mom, little bro and sister moved in today and brought their wiener dog with them. not gonna lie it was kinda funny watching Roxie try and play with this tiny little toy. hopefully we don't wake up in the morning and find out Roxie ate her! haha.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life update!!!!

ok. its been forever! I told you i would suck at this but just deal with what you get! :) So i am going to start with a few weeks ago and work my way back up!

- we went camping....again. yes we loooooveeee camping! the sucky part was that since we went with charlies step dad and his family. His step dad wanted to leave at 4 in the morning!! ugh! but oh well. we made it and the first thing Roxie decided to do was run! run as fast as she could and tried jumping over a HUGE log! but didn't quite clear it... (is it bad to laugh at other peoples or in this case dog's expence?) not going to lie, it was very funny seeing her try to jump over this thing and just bam! run right into it! hahahaha. but the sad part was that she scratched her tummy pretty good. :( she is all good now though. I did learn that i am going to be the kind of mom that secretly worries but plays it off like its no big deal. everyone thought i was going to freak out but i just looked at it and it wasn't bad. she wasn't crying and freaking out so there was no need for medical care.
     that night when we were on our way to bed some idiot decided to go night hunting and started shooting at like ten at night! first of all, its against the law. second, it is scary as helk listening to some drunk shoot just a couple hundred yards away from your camp and hope that he does not come into your tent and shoot you. this carried on ALL night and finally someone else got mad and yelled at the guy to stop and then the guy with the gun screamed and said, "If i find you i will cut your F*****g head off!!!" then the shooting started to get closer to our camp. needless to say charlie nor i slept that night! luckily we were ok and nothing happened. but still... its scary.

-next update.... i'm back to work! no more playing house and cleaning and being able to take breaks whenever i want. :( it is nice though to be able to see my students again. one of my favorite quotes from one of my students so far is..."did you know i have a friend who is from german and he speaks german mrs. Fish!" i couldn't help myself but i had to reply, "well i hope he knows how to speak german if he is from germany!" and yes, he said he was from german not germany. gotta love my kids! haha.

-3rd update....JULIE AND LANDIS ARE GONE!!!! yes, they moved out and are happily in their own apartment. :) the only sucky part is that charlie and i have the house to ourselves for only a week :( my mom is moving in with us on saturday. it will be nice cause she will be paying majority of our morgage for us but its nice having the house to ourselves. you know... to walk around naked when we please.... contaminate any room we wish! or any peice of furniture for that matter!! haha. but our goal is to have a rental house by january and my mom will then move into there and hopefully that is where she will stay for the rest of her life!

so far that is the exciting life of charlie and kacee. not too much but not too little. enoough drama and excitement to get us by. :) oh and Kilie... if you happen to read this..... we are planning on coming to visit you at the end of november!!! oh and i dremt that when we did come to visit you you told us you were prego.... do you need to confess to anything my dear???jk. love you all!!! keep me updated on your lives!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fishing and Food!

Charlie and Roxie fishing.

Roxie had a blast trying to fetch
every single piece of drift wood
out of the lake.
Going for another one!
She tried to go for one that was three times
bigger than her size! Obviously she didn't
 get it and was very dissappointed.
My hot sexy fisherman!
So... i was never educated on coal. I
guess i got the kind that is almost
impossible to light. Charlie spent about
30 min building his own little tp fire to
get it lit so we could have steak!
HE GOT IT!! Food time! YES!
We had an extra one and Roxie loved it!!
This is a huge spider that we found under our tent!
On the way home Roxie decided she wanted to sleep on the
side of the truck that was full of stuff instead of sleeping
on her side that had plenty of room! What a dork! But we
love her!
The day we got back from camping Charlie and i left for a
couple hours and when we came back Roxie left us a nice
present. It was a B**** to clean up!

More Camping Pics!

Here are some more pictures from our adventure!

A small piece of the beautiful view from the rim.

Roxie admiring the view.

The whole fam-damily!

Mommy and Roxie

Ben was camping just ten minutes away
from where we were so we picked him up
and hung out for a bit!
Some weird guy watching us. Awkward!

The boys wanted to look at how far a
40 cal would go through 6'' of wood...
it went all the way through. So word
to the wise, if you are getting shot at
with a 40, don't stand behind a couch

Charlie getting ready to shoot
Ben came shooting with us. Good
shot but not as good as me ;)
We were so worried that Roxie
would freak out while we were
shooting but no, she slept! haha.

Camping Trip!!

Ok so it has been a couple weeks since we went on our family camping trip but you all know me.... ten years later  and i finally post! haha.

Our truck has a mohawk!
Roxie sleeping on the way up. silly puppy!
Ignore my face, i was yelling at her to
come over to me and leave dad alone.
Roxie on the canoe staring at dad.
Roxie and dad!
Roxie and i hanging out on the
shore while dad fished.
Thinking about it...
Getting ready.... 
GO!!! Yup. She jumped and is in!
Since she jumped in about a total of 3 times!
We decided to let her learn her lesson
 and let her swim... for a while.
Here she is getting tired.
We felt bad so we pulled her in.
Geez, she is heavy!
She insisted on sharing her water with me.
While dad screamed from the other
side of the canoe for me to not let her
get him wet. Haha. What a whimp!
Luckily we brought towels!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A recurring addiction!

ok. i have to admit something... i am officially addicted to slushies. or should i say i am re-addicted? of course as a kid EVERYONE loved slushies (if not than you were a very very strange child) but recently i have been having a very strong desire for this amazingly colorful drink! the reds, the blues, the whites and sometimes pink too :). I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel like i need to join an AAA group or something..."Hi, my name is Kacee and i love slushies. Everytime i drive by a QT or 7Eleven, i have to stop in and get one. I felt like its time to get help."