Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Gospel at work!

I know this will sound sooo corny, but i have to say it. I LOVE MY HUSBAND! One of the things that i am a total slacker in is reading my scriptures and letting the gospel in my life during the week. I have a Joseph and Emma Smith book that i try and read during my breaks at work ( if i get any), but it just seems that i never get around to reading it.Then this week is conference. I am sitting here doing my calling (visiting teaching supervisor), and then i started reading Kilies blog (one of my favorites to read ;) ) she is always saying insightful things about the gospel and always motivates me. Its kinda funny but whenever i am really close to the gospel i love my family  even more than normal. which is good for them b/c that means i am not as big of a grouch. haha. But i was just sitting here thinking back on conference and reading Kilie's blog about how Heavenly Father blesses her and my husband started snoring.... (don't worry kilie, he was long asleep before your blog. ;) ) I couldn't help but look over at him and realize how much i love and care for that goofy creature. He does so much for me. He puts up with me when i am in my weird emotional moods. He provides for me. He teaches me. And best of all, he loves me. I am so grateful for this gospel and the ability to be with my husband for eternity. I can only hope that we continue in the right direction and get better as we grow so that our kids will one day have this exact moment with their spouses. Looking over at them while they are sleeping and thinking to, i am sooo freakin lucky! I love my spouse and i get to spend forever with them.

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